Why website was down again

On 5 September website went offline again due to same reason it happened on 22 August: been listed in SpamHaus. I do not know yet if SpamHaus problem is caused by Nazi HATERS making complaints against my website, or due to badluck of being on same shared server IP with a spammer (SpamHaus support told me that if someone send spam emails from a server, all websites hosted on same server may be blacklisted for SPAM) but hosting company told me that this server cannot be used to send mass emails.

I asked SpamHaus to remove me from spam database and this restored my website on 7 September. Now the BIG QUESTION is how to prevent this happening again in the future?

Hosting company support advised me to use Cloud DNS that supposedly will prevent me from such incidents happening again, but due to misconfiguration I made myself on 8 September website offline again, Cloud DNS support told me that everything is right and I just need to wait up to 24 hours for DNS propagation, but this hasn’t happened and website remained offline overnight again. On 9 September I contacted Cloud DNS once again and we realized what was wrong at DNS configuration. I fixed it and website returned online.

Let’s hope that it won’t get offline again… but I cannot guarantee 🙁

Also I cannot write anything on www.twitter.com/allmodelsclub … when I log in it ask me to enter a phone number to send me a code via SMS, I did a google search “receive SMS online” and any number I try to enter, it say that is already used, or if is not used, NO SMS ever arrive.

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