If website goes down again…

I need your help! Any suggestions are welcome!

Running such website about child models and other young celebrities turned to be harder than imagined. And this NOT because of legal reasons, but because there are some Nazi HATERS who make false complaints to servers hosting such websites to destroy them in same way their ancestors destroyed jewish communities during world war 2: FOR NO REASON!

First, AllModels.Club (website) or me (the person running it) DOES NOT produce or store any illegal material, neither sexual or pornography.

We are NOT responsible for any misuse or wrong interpretation of material offered here. For example I has been informed that LazyTown background been used as background in photos of people having sex while wearing red wig like Stephanie, LazyTown producers do not hold any responsibility that some idiots photoshopped turning a children movie into a sex scene. In the same way, child modeling agencies, photographers or me do not hold responsibility if any idiots misuse innocent children photos offered here. The man who contacted me online and me aware of child modeling websites when I was 14 years old, has sent me a couple of photos of girls eating bananas, but when I showed these photos to my friends (kids from 7-10th grade) some said “looks like she is sucking a penis. Personally I would have never though that some teenagers can be so sexually obsessed to see a penis in a banana. They were from an agency named “School-Models.com” which I don’t know if they made such “double-meaning” photos intentionally or is a coincidence that banana looks like penis but for safety reasons I decided to delete all School-Models content from my computer and never post this agency on my website.

Since personally I have NO interest in porn or sex I may be not aware of possible sexual interpretation of other content. If any content posted here does not follow above statement and may have any reference to sex or illegal stuff, please contact me via comments, chat or email and I will remove the infringing material. DO NOT make reports to hosting company to shut down whole website!

Website went down on 15 June because of an unidentified person who made abuse report to Hostinger.com that website offer illegal content and Hostinger staff deleted my website without carefully checking that content is actually legal. That was 1st website suspended after 3 years of no interruptions. I quickly paid another hosting provider and re-setup website on 18 June, I had a backup from 22 May and took 4 hours to re-post download links and preview images of models posted last 3 weeks (took much more hours to sort the photos in my computer (this part of job wasn’t lost), only lost part of work was posting on website).

Website went down again on 12 August because a Nazi hater (a lawyer named P**** from Germany) made reports to hosting company requesting website deletion motivating that contains sexual abuse material, which is WRONG, material available here for download DOES NOT contain anything sexual, children are from professional modeling agencies operating according law, taking photos under supervision of a parent or guardian. (hosting company showed me who made report). I have his LinkedIn profile but I don’t know if is a good idea to put link here and allow other people to bash him.

It took 10 days to make website running again, first because someone offered to host my website on his own server without a visual control panel and everything had to be done via command line. I have ZERO knowledge of Linux so I had to research how to install website via command line, and due to my job I did not had time for this, and my friend was willing to help me but communication with him been slow due to different timezones. After 5 days I gave up and I purchased myself a hosting service, after payment my server wasn’t activated and invoice still appeared as unpaid, I sent few messages to hosting company and in the end got reply that a staff member been infected with coronavirus and their activity was off. After 3 days my hosting account been activated on 21th August and on 22th August I re-uploaded my website…

Just 1 day, on 23th August website became inaccessible again. I was confused what happens, because I could still log in via FTP by IP address, I talked with hosting provider and they told me that is a problem with domain, in the domain registrar website I found a message “Domain on ServerHold” I contacted them too and got reply after 2 days telling me to contact .club domain provider (www.get.club) who replied me that my domain been listed on SpamHaus for spamming. On 28 August I contacted SpamHaus and only now got the hold removed and people could access my website again by typing URL www.allmodels.club in browser.

I have no idea how the fuck this happened because I never sent spam emails from his domain. I am not sure, but might be possible that SAME Nazi hater to be responsible for this 3rd downtime (and possible for 1st downtime too).

One of my subscribers emailed me asking what is the new domain name (thinking that domain expired and I bought another). Don’t worry, I paid AllModels.club for 10 years (expire in 2030 – proof). I do not want to change domain, because if I change, I may be not able to contact every person who visited website in the past and tell which is new domain + would take years to get ranked in Google and reach again 2000 visitors/day. ALSO I cannot guarantee that same or other Nazi HATERS won’t make more complaints to hosting provider or to SpamHaus to get my new website offline again.

Someone advised me to make my content available only for registered users, preferably via paid subscription (to me, not to TurboBit / Ex-Load) to keep Nazi haters out. I have sufficient technical knowledge to create my own website with paid membership to access content, but I do not want to do this, because it will also keep Google out and new visitors won’t be able to find me, only those who already know me may pay or not pay subscription.

Luckily, I was able to restore website like nothing happened. BUT due to long downtime, Google no longer show my website in searches and traffic felt down from 2200 to 800 visitors/day according FlagCounter. I decided to NOT new models for a week or two, because there are already 14 models posted 1 per day during last 2 weeks that nobody downloaded because could not access website, enough new photos for you to download and enjoy a week (at least). There are more Swiss-Arts and Maxwells models posted before downtime and scheduled to appear by end-septemeber one per 2 days.

At least 2 people sent messages “how I can join” probably they though that this is like a forum where anyone can post sets for download. www.allmodels.club is at this moment an 1-man website, I do not allow other people to post stuff because is risky that I will be the one in trouble in case someone post something illegal. If you have photos or videos that want to be featured here, you MUST send them to me (you can send for example via WeTransfer.com – up to 2 GB) and I will carefully curate your content (delete illegal material – if any) before making it public on website. Vladmodels agency has produced some topless photos featuring their older models, but I am unable to verify whenever these models were at least 18 years old at the time of photo. Consequently I will NOT post any models that contain few topless sets. If there is a single topless set I will permanently delete it and post the rest. I permanently delete from my computer any file that contains nudity, semi-nudity, or sexual stuff.

If same or other Nazi HATERS will shut down my website 1 more time, I will NOT bother to restart it. I feel sorry for visitors who paid TurboBit / Ex-Load subscription to download my content, but it doesn’t worth my effort anymore to maintain a website that is being suspended again and again, then taking months to recover lost visitors.

I was thinking also about possibility of SELLING whole website to someone else who have more free time to manage it, and bear risks and hassle of re-setuping website in case Nazis shut down it again.

Meantime follow me on https://twitter.com/AllModelsClub in case website goes down again I will write on Twitter what happens. I will upload this Excel file http://www.allmodels.club/All-Models-Club.xlsx on other websites and post link to it on my Twitter, and I will add TurboBit / Ex-Load links inside Excel file so you can still download files and enjoy photos if website is no longer here (but this means NO preview images).

If anyone have other suggestions please write in comments below, via email or chatbox.

2 thoughts on “If website goes down again…

  1. Starfish

    Create a backup with links only (no pictures) and put it under a different domain/subdomain. This will prevent photo searching software from ID-iing.

    Btw – Megakarma for a great service to the community.


    1. All Models Club
      All Models Club says:

      And how do my fans find that different domain?

      As explained on last row of my post, I can put links in Excel file http://www.allmodels.club/All-Models-Club.xlsx which I can upload anywhere and post a link to it on https://twitter.com/AllModelsClub … as long on Twitter I don’t post pictures, there is no danger.

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