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  1. Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson says:

    I have a detected an error in one of your Newstar Boy Models for Scotty Dream you posted for June 10 2020. You have added the wrong downloading file. Please fix your downloading file to Newstar Scotty Dream Please.

    Also there more Newstar Boy Models Cody Dream and Danny Dream. Here is link but their website is now defunct and it only has a few sets of photos… http://web.archive.org/web/20191016034648/http://nt-boys.com/enter.php However other private collectors may have Danny Dream and Cody Dream. You might want to negotiate with them so they give you their collection sets of photos. There might be a price. Thank you.

    1. All Models Club
      All Models Club says:

      I fixed Newstar Scotty. It was among models posted before 19 May backup with links copy-pasted from other model but files I uploaded AFTER that date, and lost on 15 June when Hostinger deleted my website.

      Thanks for telling me about nt-boys.com, I wasn’t aware of these 2 boys and is quite hard to find them since most websites ban posting boy models. AMF.bz provide a complete list of Newstar/Tinymodel/Sweet GIRL models, the only place I was able to find BOY models was http://nonude-models.com/ which contains only 9 boys which I already posted. If I come across Cody Dream and Danny Dream I will try to download them and re-upload on my website.

  2. Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson says:

    Before Scotty Dream joined Newstar Modeling, he also joined TruBoyModels. He remained in those modeling agencies until government watchdogs close their websites down.

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