Newstar Jimmy II

Photo sets 32-250, 14856 images, 3,848,730,707 bytes (0.39 GB), plus videos 1-14, 3,740,871,710 bytes (3.48 GB).

This is most popular male model from Newstar / Tinymodel agency. The boy also appear as guest in photo sets of various Newstar girls, additional 36 sets, 1983 images, 2,161,280,583 bytes (2.01 GB).

Download TurboBit: Jimmy_II.part1.rarJimmy_II.part2.rarJimmy_II.part3.rarJimmy_II.part4.rarJimmy_II.part5.rarJimmy_II.part6.rar
Download Ex-Load: Jimmy_II.part1.rarJimmy_II.part2.rarJimmy_II.part3.rarJimmy_II.part4.rarJimmy_II.part5.rarJimmy_II.part6.rar

Newstar Jimmy II
Newstar Jimmy II

5 thoughts on “Newstar Jimmy II

  1. love model videos
    love model videos says:

    please ad more model videos like this

  2. Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson says:

    Jimmy Tonik was called the “ELVIS” of Newstar. He is pro of sensual poses on photo sets and videos. At one time he and his parent came to America to Detroit, MI. to audition for my film.

  3. Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson says:

    So far there are fewer Newstar videos already produced many years ago. That came to an abrupt end in November of 2019 when gov’t watchdogs told the website owner to shut its business down for good.

  4. Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson says:

    There were also two different Jimmy “nick names” in Newstar. The first Jimmy was technically not his nick name, but his real name is Jimmy Tonik. He was the called “THE ELVIS OF NEWSTAR, THE BUDDY WATERS SUPERMODEL KING OF EASTERN EUROPE”. He received more posts and the girls and boys and even adults were screaming and drooling with excitement with his sensual poses and good looks on photo sets and videos. He was even invited to various international photo shoots all over the world. He even auditioned for my film when I was in Detroit, Michigan in America when used to be client with Newstar Modeling through One Source Talent in Troy, MI. now called Nine Nine Talent Agency. ( Which its now a scam and I have no ties to them anymore!) Jimmy Tonik joined Newstar from mid 2000’s to early 2010’s. When he older, he was replaced by another Eastern European boy nick named “Jimmy” (Possibly). But the next younger “Jimmy” kid remained in Newstar Modeling until it closed in 2019.

  5. Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson says:

    Jimmy Tonik was called the “MUDDY WATERS” of Newstar Modeling. His sensual exercises, good looks in his photo sets and videos will get folks popping and craving for more. Jimmy Tonik used to audition for my film when I was in Detroit, MI. through One Source Talent (Now Nine Nine Talent which it’s a scam!) Jimmy Tonik left Newstar Modeling in the early 2010’s to pursue bigger better acting and modeling careers.

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