Newstar (?) Milan

A strange boy model, the chair he use is same used by Newstar girls so I assume that he is a Newstar model, at same time Newstar official site did not mentioned any boy named Milan, and the photos are very big (2-3 MB/photo) and do not have any watermark (might be raw photos obtained directly from photographer before Newstar staff photoshopped them to reduce size and add logo)

Photo sets 1-8, 720 images, 1,802,715,196 bytes (0.68 GB).

Download TurboBit: Milan.rar
Download Ex-Load: Milan.rar


One thought on “Newstar (?) Milan

  1. Allen Johnson

    Hello Administrator,

    Milan is not an official Newstar Model nor he has appear in the website long ago. (He probably did a tryout but Newstar crew did not put him in.) Milan is a member of TruBoyModels.

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