Explanation for downtime

Why my website gone on 12th August:

Because of a motherfucking HATER from Germany who made a couple of FAKE reports to my hosting company requesting website deletion, motivating that contains sexual abuse material = which is completely WRONG, material available here for download DOES NOT contain anything sexual, children are from professional modeling agencies operating according law, taking photos under supervision of a parent or guardian.

Dear lawyer (if you read this text), if any of material posted here does not follow above statement please contact me via chat or email and I will remove the infringing material. Do not make reports to hosting company to shut down whole website!

All models are posing under legal conditions… but some people HATE child models and try to shut down websites like this motivating that all models must be 18 years old. WRONG. 18 years is the minimum legal age for driving, drinking, or taking nude photos / porn. There is NO minimum legal age to take photos and do non-nude modeling.

I managed to identify that lawyer (I found his social media accounts) what actions I can take against him? He stated on his account “Attorney and tech enthusiast fighting illegal content

Why I could not restore my website earlier than 22th August:

First, I was not sure if is SAFE to continue this modeling website given the fact that it is for me a “side project” that does not produce much $ in terms of absolute values, but it does produce quite good money for the little effort needed to upload models and without stressful programming.

While content here does NOT contain anything illegal, I was a afraid that will bring a lot of hassle and time wasted in case of any legal action against me. I am 21 years old and I do not want to risk troubles for me or my parents.

I am currently working full time in jobs related to IT industry (programming, databases, etc) making few thousands $ per month (you may ask what company is this to pay a 4-digit sum to student-age person – nobody pay more than few hundreds $ but since I started this business at age of 15, in 6 years I got few dozens customers using my services, companies across Europe and America, they together bring me few thousands $ per month).

I only log in All Models Club 1 day per 2 weeks to upload 10-20 models then go back to my normal job. However, such website suspension proved that running such website is more risky than expected because of idiots like the one described above, making FAKE reports to hosting companies and their busy staff does not have time to check my website in detail to see that it comply with law, they see children, they delete website.

I talked with few friends including a lawyer, they confirmed that my website does NOT contain anything illegal and is SAFE to continue running it. One (who also run a child modeling agency, producing new photos, not share photos produced by defunct agencies like me) offered me to host my website on same server with his website. But this server did not had a visual control panel and everything had to be done via command line. I have ZERO knowledge of Linux so I had to research how to install website via command line, and due to my job I did not had time for this, and my friend was willing to help me but communication with him been slow due to different timezones.

After 5 days I gave up and I purchased myself a hosting service, after payment my server wasn’t activated and invoice still appeared as unpaid, I sent few messages to hosting company and in the end got reply that a staff member been infected with coronavirus and their activity was off. After 3 days my hosting account been activated on 21th August and on 22th august I re-uploaded my website…

So after 10 days of downtime my website is running again like nothing happened. I used a backup from 22 July, the only lost content are 3 models posted in late July and few comments posted by visitors. And the broken links fixed during last month need to be fixed again.

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