Sarah Model

Sarah Model from Chemal & Gegg.

She made 35 photo sets, 2305 images, 534,242,164 bytes (0.50 GB).

Download full photo sets:

Biography according her original site: (worked in 2003-2005 only)

Hi, I am Sarah and I’m 14 years old. I want to become a model, so that I will be famous all over the world and I really like fashion and dressing up too.
I have an elder brother, Jake. Sometimes he takes me along on his motorbike. I really like the speed, when we fly over the highway. At my 16th birthday, maybe I get a scooter, then I can drive by myself. I have two little rabbits named Max and Mini.
My favotite subject at scool is geograpy, beacause I want to travel all over the world to see all that wonderful places and countries. My favorite colour is rosè, like pink roses.

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