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Jaycie Model

Jaycie Model from Child Web Models, an American girl modeling in a variety of outfits, swimsuit, skirt, dress, jeans, schoolgirl, cheerleader costume, etc. I have 88 galleries, 7526 pictures, 1,561,972,623 bytes (1.45 GB). Download link: Her second site

Media Mynx – Cynthia

Cynthia from Media Mynx, an European modeling agency for children and adults. She made 50 photo sets, 2784 images, 2,083,736,073 bytes (1.94 GB). Download complete collection:

chulwoo – Korean dance sexy girls

Another YouTube channel full with Korean girls dancing videos in miniskirts, shorts and other sexy outfits. Momoland band.

zam – Korean dance sexy girls

I found an YouTube channel full with Korean girls dancing videos in miniskirts, shorts and other sexy outfits.

Cindy model videos

Someone asked me if I have Cindy Model videos from Curt Newbury Studios. I didn’t “had” them personally but I have seen them on YouTube. I embedded them into my blog for future people to watch them here.

beautiful long legs girl-小羽

pretty 小羽 got good figure and beautiful long legs , and her face was so pure white, when she smiled , she looked like baby face that wasso cute and sweet 109 photos Download link:

About me

I am a little boy living in a poor town of Eastern Europe. I love singing and dancing as well as photography including selfies and become a model but my parents don’t allow me to become famous or any kind of public person. I also love playing football and car racing games. I started collecting […]

Sexy hight school girl – 蘿菈

Beautiful 蘿菈 got angel face and devil body, pretty face, eyes, nose lips etc… Long sexy legs and perfect body shape, when she dressed high school girl uniform, Short skirt made her legs longer and wonderful, every her pose and action was full of Charming and attractive feeling, thanks 蘿菈, she did her best model […]

Gurinel TV Moldova

GurinelTV is a TV station from Republic of Moldova dedicated only to children, broadcasting half children shows and half children music and dance videos. Like many Russian productions the girls wear nice costumes with short skirts and dresses that allow seeing panties. I really like them especially the ones in schoolgirl costumes or cheerleaders.

Niki Model

Niki Model, a very beautiful little girl from Curt Newbury Studios modeling in a variety of outfits, dresses, skirts, swimsuit, etc. Studio, home and outdoor photos. She was modelling between September 2008 to June 2010, making at least 128 photo sets. I have 52 photo sets, 5049 images, 1,233,320,248 bytes (1.15 GB), that is about […]

Happy Christmas party

it was a good idea that i propose my lovely next door girl 貴貴to invite her friendly classmates to her home to have a nice Christmas party , except pretty 貴貴 dressed princess cloth, those gorgeous girls dressed beautiful different kind of Christmas cloths to join the special party, they played dolls and fooling around, […]

Lady Model

Lady Model, a Columbian girl modeling in a variety of outfits, jeans, dress, skirt, top, swimsuit, etc. Many upskirt photos (I like them). She made first issues in 2004 then regular monthly issues from January 2005 to January 2010. I have 203 photo sets, 27996 images, 4,315,185,861 bytes (4.02 GB). Download TurboBit: Lady_Model_2006_(Curt_Newbury_Studios).rar – Lady_Model_2007_(Curt_Newbury_Studios).rar […]

The sexy and naughty high school girl – yuko

lovely and pretty yuko got good looking face and nice figure, and she dressed hot high school uniform, with short skirt that showed her attractive beautiful panties, she was so sexy and attractive, we took her gorgeous pictures at a studio 42 photos Download link:

Sharon Model

Sharon Model a very beautiful girl from Curt Newbury Studios modeling in a variety of outfits, dress, skirt, top, swimsuit, etc. I have sets 25-40 (16 sets), 2562 images, 438,869,192 bytes (418 MB). Update: found someone who uploaded complete 2008-2009 collection. She modelled in 2006 and 2007 too, if anyone have these photos please tell […]

sweet sport girl – 瑄瑄

lovely and sweet baby 瑄瑄 got pure quality, not only beautiful face, but also nice figure, and she dressed hot sport cloth to show her pure white skin, and elegant pose, motion, expression…etc, she was so charming and attractive 69 photos Download link:

Lovely and pretty Taiwanese bikini girl

Lovely and pretty 兔兔 is a young Taiwanese girl, she got pure white skin , natural quality, beautiful eyes, and full of energy, we invited her to the swimming pool garden to do bikini photoshoot , suddenly it was big rain at outside, we had to get inside the restaurant to take , thank 兔兔, […]

The sexy naughty nextdoor girl

Pretty 花苡琍 got pure quality and good figure, she dressed the pink color maidservant cloth with white underwear inside, she was full of lot of energy when taking pictures at a studio ,her elegant pose and lovely smile that was so charming and gorgeous, thanks 花苡琍, she did her best model job 104 photos Download […]

Lovely high school girl

young and pretty 苡瑄 is a high school girl , she got pure quality and got a lot of energy , she is also a cheer sport girl , so she could act many kind of action , this time , she dressed high school uniform , that looked so cute and gorgeous 122 photos […]

cute school girl – 小芃

young and cute school girl 小芃 is full of energy, her action and expression was so sweet and funny 49 photos Download link:

lovely and naughty high school girl–筱穎兒

young and pretty 筱穎兒 got sweet baby face and great figure, every her pose and expression was so plentiful so that I took her every motions, her personal quality was kind and naughty that looked like next door girl, even she dressed high school girl, she was so charming and attractive that was different from […]