Newstar Alexandra

I downloaded this girl from 2 different sources:

Torrent one include photo sets 1-293, 24604 images, 6,352,370,543 bytes (5.92 GB), all photos resolution is OK.

Download TurboBit: Alexandra_sets_001-293.part1.rarAlexandra_sets_001-293.part2.rarAlexandra_sets_001-293.part3.rar
Download Ex-Load: Alexandra_sets_001-293.part1.rarAlexandra_sets_001-293.part2.rarAlexandra_sets_001-293.part3.rar one include photo sets 1-314, 26643 images, 6,547,669,419 bytes (6.10 GB), resolution of random photos are reduced to half and some photos are missing (measuring sets 1-293 to compare with torrent one, I got 24576 images and 6,077,623,990 bytes), some sets have same number of photos and resolution but different size.

Download TurboBit: Alexandra_sets_1-314.part1.rarAlexandra_sets_1-314.part2.rarAlexandra_sets_1-314.part3.rarAlexandra_sets_1-314.part4.rar
Download Ex-Load: Alexandra_sets_1-314.part1.rarAlexandra_sets_1-314.part2.rarAlexandra_sets_1-314.part3.rarAlexandra_sets_1-314.part4.rar

Both sources included also videos 1-53 and they have same size: 12,693,210,302 bytes (11.82 GB).

Download TurboBit: Alexandra_videos_1-53.part1.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part2.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part3.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part4.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part5.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part6.rar
Download Ex-Load: Alexandra_videos_1-53.part1.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part2.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part3.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part4.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part5.rarAlexandra_videos_1-53.part6.rar

She have a logo with for sets 1-111 and another logo with for sets 112-314.

Newstar Alexandra
Newstar Alexandra

One thought on “Newstar Alexandra

  1. Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson says:

    By the way Alexandra was in Maxwells Modeling, too.

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