Lady Model

Lady Model, a Columbian girl modeling in a variety of outfits, jeans, dress, skirt, top, swimsuit, etc. Many upskirt photos (I like them).

She made first issues in 2004 then regular monthly issues from January 2005 to January 2010.

I have 203 photo sets, 27996 images, 4,315,185,861 bytes (4.02 GB).

Download TurboBit: Lady_Model_2006_(Curt_Newbury_Studios).rarLady_Model_2007_(Curt_Newbury_Studios).rarLady_Model_2008_(Curt_Newbury_Studios).rarLady_Model_2009_(Medellin_Teen_Models).rar
Download Ex-Load: Lady_Model_2006_(Curt_Newbury_Studios).rarLady_Model_2007_(Curt_Newbury_Studios).rarLady_Model_2008_(Curt_Newbury_Studios).rarLady_Model_2009_(Medellin_Teen_Models).rar

Preview images (2006-2008)


Preview images (2009)


The 2009 issues where she made mostly photos in panties were labelled as Medellin Teen Models by the person who gave me the photos (without MTM logo).

There are few torrents with her 2005, 2006, 2007 issues which are not included in below archives, some of these 2006 issues torrents had more photos than the photos included in below archives. Sadly, these torrents were dead (downloading just few percents) at the time I discovered them.

MTM Lady

After Lady turned 18 (2010? not sure about exact age) she continued modeling with MTM logo, now taking sexy and erotic photos.

I have 138 photo sets, 17164 images, 3,549,926,712 bytes (3.31 GB).

Download TurboBit: Medellin_Teen_Models_-_Lady.rar
Download Ex-Load: Medellin_Teen_Models_-_Lady.rar
(contains nudity in some photos, DO NOT download if you are not 18+)

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