Kyra Model

Kyra Model from Chemal & Gegg.

She made 50 photo sets, 2058 images, 524,471,533 bytes (0.49 GB).

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Biography according her original site: (worked in 2003-2004 only)

Hi, my name is Kyra and I am 12 years old. I’m interrested in environmental protection. We have only one world to live in, and everybody should protect it as good as he can. For carrying this message around the whole world, I want to become a famous model. Do you share my dream?

In my sparetime, I’m committed in environmental protection. My friends and me carry out a project, wich is occupied with quality of water and air in our village. We have our own garden with organic farming, where we cultivate our own fruit and vegatables.

I live with my parents in a flat, unfortunately we have no garden there. I have an elder brother, Devon, but he doesn’t live at home no longer. Sometimes he visits us at weekend. Then we often sit at our balkony and talk the whole night…

My favorite subjects in scool are geography and biology, because I learn a lot about our planet and its nature. My favorit color is purple.

Kyra, 12 years old
163 cm height, 45 kg weight
brown hair, green eyes
size (EU) 164, shoe size 40
available for portrait, fashion, swimwear, advertisement

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