Sandra Teen Model

Sandra Orlow can be easily called “the queen of child modeling”. She was born on November 14, 1991 (source) in Russia and started modeling at age of 5. She reached international fame around 12 years old under name Sandra Teen Model. Later he joined Fame-Girls together with Ella and Virginia.

Few years ago I downloaded a torrent named Sandra Teen Model sets 1-100  and another torrent named Sandra Mod sets 101-194 as well as random sets afterwards. Recently I found someone who has posted on another forum a pretty complete collection of her, sets 001-337 except set 311. Of these, sets 001-120 are watermarked with, sets 121-216 with, sets 217-337 with It’s interesting because the torrent downloaded previously had sets 101-120 with watermark instead of

In total there are 336 sets, 49617 images, 16,456,000,875 bytes (15.33 GB). No videos.

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Maxine Model

Maxine Model from Chemal & Gegg.
She made 15 photo sets, 815 images, 265,882,429 bytes (0.25 GB)

Download TurboBit: Maxine_Model.rar
Download Ex-Load: Maxine_Model.rar

Biography according her original site: (live in 2005 only)

My name is Maxine and I am 13 years old. In my sparetime, I like climbing, ride a bike and hang around with my friends.
I have a two brothers, Marvin and Peter, they are twins. We live with our parents in a flat with a large balcony. I really like the family breakfast on weekend at our balcony in the summer.
My favorite subjects in scool are sports and chemistry. My favorite color is lilac like violets in the spring.

Amir Gumerov Photographer

Gymnast Anna Sokolova champion of Cyprus at a photo shoot in Moscow

Continued Cheerleader Yana Doronina, champion of Russia at a photo shoot in a Winnerstore swimsuit

Backstage Full version – Sofia Meshkova in a Ballare leotard photo shoot in Voronezh

Backstage live photo shoot in Voronezh – Sofia Meshkova

Photoshoot of a ballerina on a street in Moscow – Zharikova Josephine

Photoshooting on the street acro dancer Arina Denisova

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