About me

I am a little boy living in a poor town of Eastern Europe.

I love singing and dancing as well as photography including selfies and become a model but my parents don’t allow me to become famous or any kind of public person. I also love playing football and car racing games.

I started collecting photos of girls mostly from music scene when I was 12 years old then discovered the child modeling websites at 14 and collected over 200 GB of photo sets and videos which now I want to share with everyone on this blog!

Contact me if you want to advertise a banner, link exchange, etc. You can send photos of models that you have and I will post them here, I can offer you in exchange photos that I have not published yet on my blog. Children and adults are welcome, but please DO NOT send porn / nude / erotic photos!


What is modeling

Modeling for kids and adults have a long history. Some modeling agencies offer few photos for free and allow models to be hired for various events or commercials while other agencies offer photo albums for sale or via monthly subscription while protecting models identity. The later ones became popular since internet age and they are the subject of this website. Typically a model produce 1 photo album per week and each album contains in average 50-100 photos with one outfit.

This website does NOT represent any modeling agency. I, as website admin, I do not take any photos. I only share the professional models who published their photos online via their agencies. Also I do not have contact info of the models, if you want to contact the models you may try to contact the agencies who originally took photos, if they are still running (many agencies are dead).

This website just collect photo archives mostly from defunct agencies. These photo sets were originally available via subscription about 20-60 USD per month, but once agencies closed off, you cannot get them anymore from original photographers. Some photo sets were available also on torrents, but the torrents died having no more seeders. So the only way to download the photos is from collectors like me posting them online.

Some photos are sourced from major image hosting websites (Flickr, Instagram, etc).


To answer frequently asked questions: what is your preferred age, favorite models or how do I earn money

I do not have a preferred age. I am also not fan of any specific model. My favorites are the photos with dresses, skirts, leotards or anything similar with dance costumes, regardless if model is 10 years old or 50 years old. In real life I spend most of time with friends +/- 5 years my age, sometimes with younger kids on football field, sometimes with older people if I have some business to do.

The child modeling websites attracted me because of colorful outfits and no nudity. Most adult models make nude or sexual / indecent photos that I do not like (I collected photos of non-nude adult women too, usually children shows hosts).

Some teenagers say that their favorite thing on internet is porn. I am NOT like them, I am not interested in nude photos, porn or any form of adult entertainment. I am a childish teenager, I love children shows, children music, collect photos of nonude models and starlets from music and television.

For 3 years I downloaded over 200 GB of models from torrents. After downloading, first thing I did was to delete all swimsuit / lingerie photos. Then looked at remaining photos and kept what I liked: dresses, skirts, occasionally shorts or jeans + top. The most photos I kept were from Th3 Pe0ple Imag3, so we can say that it is my favorite agency. When I downloaded Ch3mal models I deleted 90% of their photos because did not fit my above criteria (had to be selective also because my computer was old, only 500 GB hard disk).

A friend who had a similar blog years ago, he showed me that earned up to $200/month at ~1000 visitors per day, paid by Hotfile per download and premium sale. I wanted to do the same, but I had no money to buy a domain name or any way to get paid for it until 2016. That year I also got a new computer with 2 TB HDD and this allowed me to create a modeling blog. I had to re-download models to offer complete collections and not my personal selection. But I made few mistakes: I tried to create an online store with PayPal, selling photo collection of each model for $5-10 depending by number of photos. Number of sales was ZERO. I should have offered few free downloads in order to attract audience then turn into pay site, and use Bitcoin because people avoid PayPal for this kind of purchases. The blog reached ~50 daily visitors after 1 month then it no longer appeared in Google search, traffic felt down to ~10 visitors per day, so I abandoned it. Domain expired.

I figured out that Google have a list of blacklisted keywords (agency names) that, if used repeatedly in a page, that page will be banned from Google search results (it will reappear in Google search results after keywords are removed). I also found more similar modeling blogs by searching on Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc, that offer free downloads and this explained why nobody bought from me. Talking with their owners encouraged me to recreate my blog using current domain name allmodels.club, this time with a different strategy: offering photo sets for free download. And avoid posting certain agencies to keep website in Google search as long I can. I earn money ONLY IF you buy premium subscription on TurboBit who pay me (uploader) 50% of your payment. Earnings are $5-10/month at ~200 visitors per day (very little). I occasionally get paid by modeling agencies for banner ad or sponsored post. But beside this, I also do freelancing work, from which I earn few hundred $ per month. So I do not intend to turn this blog into a pay site.

In conclusion: this website is NOT intended to become my way of making a living. I run it just to share my collection of models to other people interested. I can abandon this website any time if I am too busy to post new models, or I can sell website to someone else.



We are a 100% legal website that has no nudity, no sexual or erotic poses no lewd photography no photos are designed to arouse anyone. We were not designed for pedophiles. If you came here looking for girls to have sex, please quit this website. DO NOT post sexual or other inappropriate comments.

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    1. They closes on 24 Dec 2015 according http://www.candydoll.tv (you need to translate to english to understand it). Reason for closing may be because government put pressure on them to voluntarily stop using children to make this kind of photos, so they use adult girls now on TokyoDoll.tv. I was not aware that Thaina from LCS went to them.

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